Monday, January 25, 2010

Scheduling Meetings

Today we are trying to coordinate the schedules of five very busy people. We are trying to find a day that we can all meet which is proving to be a challenge
Also we are working on our grant application.

Monday, January 18, 2010

CAT Institute

Brett, Dail & Joan are brought together through CAT (Community Arts Training) Institute. During this 5 month Fellowship we have learned so much. While joining our skills and efforts with the experience of CAT, we have connected with a wonderful group of educators and students in Riverview Gardens School District.

We are in the beginning stages of collaboration with Riverview Garden High School's Drama Team. Thank you Riverview Garden's Principal Yolanda Pitman who shows interest in our project, Mr. Brian Jones who has matched our enthusiasm, and Superintendent Dr. Natalie Thomas for leading us to such a great group.

For more information on the program that brought us together, visit their website:

"Since 1997, the Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute is an innovative program centered on the belief that art has the power to be an agent for social change. The CAT Institute is a five-month curriculum fostering successful partnerships among artists, social workers, educators and community activists with the goal of creating relevant arts programs in community settings such as neighborhood organizations, social service agencies and after-school programs."


3 for Justice team members Brett, Dail & Joan are looking forward to a great collaboration with Riverview Gardens High School Drama Club. We are planning a multimedia exploration on the topic of "home." Our experience has been full of learning, teaching, collaborating and creating!

This blog will be dedicated to the process of our program & we are excited to share!